Ma chérie, ce qu'est l'amour. Je n'ai besoin de rien d'autre que toi~

Tu ne peux pas y échapper

The wonderful Ten, Lord of the saddest Oasis
26 October
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A little about me

Preferred name ::Ten, sadOasis

Day of Birth ::Oct. 26

Place of Birth ::Queens, NY

Height ::5'8"

Occupation ::Student

Spoken languages ::English, Spanish, currently learning japanese

Favorite Music ::Mostly attracted to instrumental pieces. Electronic, Industrial, ambient, Rock, pop. Love Japanese music, Greek Industrial, and many others. Basically, anything that sounds good.

Siblings ::older brother & younger sister

Personality ::Fun, childish, creative, weird and active, random, and just wobbly...

Obsession ::My music, my friend, human thought and action, family.

Things that get me happy ::random smiles from random people, flowers and nature, my friends, my hamster, my love, my mother, my music.

Things that get me sad or mad ::Poverty, my family sometimes, politics >_<, oppression, stereotyping, ignorance, lies, basic human stupidity.


Color : Blue and crimson

Food : I eat everything <3

Pizza topping : you?

Ice-Cream Flavor : mint or cherry.

Drink (alcoholic) : Mojito?

Clothing Brand : Moi meme moitie, fanplusfriend.

Accessories : Suppurate System, AmR ^_~

Season : Winter

Month : October

Holiday/Festival : Halloween

Flower : Clavel, whire roses.

A few Jrock Icons. My all time favorite top artist.